Sunday, August 28, 2011

That didn't last long

Did you like the new blog title, Red No. 3?
I was becoming quite fond of it.
However, it didn't stick.
(I don't know if that is a Texas expression or not; if it is, 
 it means it didn't work out.)
Like a cherry popsicle in this ridiculous Texas heat,
it didn't last long.

Before I grew attached to it, I decided to see if there was
already a blog out there with that title.
There is...since 2003.
It's a blog about being fat or something.
Although I certainly could belong to that club,
I don't want this cute little blog confused with it.
So, out with that title I guess.

My blog is titleless now.  
I may have to go back to 3 Ring Cottage.
I would like a fresh new name.

Any suggestions?
Can anyone help me out?
I would like to have "3" in the title somewhere.
I would like to have "red" in the title but it's not necessary
because it could be written in red.
I want something I love because I don't want to change
my blog title every year.

So, how about Vintage Red?
Nope, that's taken too.

Red Vintage?

No. 3 Red?
Not taken...but it sounds goofy.

The Red 3?
Not taken but not sure about that one.

Vintage 3?
Not taken but I don't know.  It could be written in red.

Maybe we should just go with "Untitled"
Seriously, it's already several.


  1. Texas Red Vintage No. 3

    Texas Vintage Red No. 3

    Southern Vintage No. 3

    Gina3 Vintage

    Gina Vintage No. 3

    G V No. 3

    No. 3 Texas Red

    No. 3 Vintage Red

    Happy Sunday! Hope you come up with something soon - to be nameless is such a sad thing. Have fun, change is good for us - it proves we're still alive. Sorry, was there a limit to the number of suggestions I could make? Should have read the fine print.

  2. How about " # 3 Cottage ,Vintage Street "

  3. How about "3rd Time's a Charm"? Sorry it didn't work out, I did like the new title. :@

  4. Sorry it didn't work out.
    How about......

    The Vintage No.3 in Red

    Red Vintage No. 3

    3 Red Vintage

    3 Vintage Red

    Hope you have a wonderful Sunday!

  5. I wouldn't use red in the title because what if in a couple of years you decide you want to go purple or something crazy.

    I do like Vintage 3 or even adding "No." 3.

  6. Station No. 3??

    Uh-- I don't know... I just think of fire stations when I hear numbers because my husband is a fireman. I also associate a station with red because of the big red fire trucks -- but that is just the way MY mind works. Good luck with your new title. I am tired of mine too but I think I will just keep it :)

  7. Well shucks, girl! You really don't love 3 Ring Cottage anymore? I still love it. :)

  8. Diane@cottage-wishes.blogspot.comAugust 29, 2011 at 12:09 PM

    I like Red No. 3 because it reminds me of Channel No. 3. Very chic. Diane @

  9. I like Red No. 3, it reminds me of Channel No. 3, very chic. Di

  10. How about "Magic #3" ?
    Nancy Jo

  11. red cottage 3,or No.3
    No.3 red cottage
    No.3 cottage

    ummm.. think think think

  12. Well, that's a bummer.
    I kind of like just plain No. 3, or even #3 Vintage written in red.

  13. Gina's Rootin' Tootin' Hootenanny

  14. I think it's a sign that you should stick with 3 Ring Cottage!


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