Sunday, September 18, 2011

Decision making confusion

Those who know me well know that I have a difficult time making a decision.
It can take me days, weeks, months or 
even longer to make a decision and commit to something.
It doesn't matter if it's about something trivial or important, 
I just have a hard time deciding on things.

Internet, blogs and Pinterest have made it worse.

Currently, my front door, both inside and out, is painted black 
as is the interior side of the back door.
My front door has been black for almost 10 years.
The interior side of the doors were painted black about 2 years ago.
Painting the outside of the front door black was an easy decision and only took me a day.
Deciding to paint the interior side of both doors took months.
Lately, I've been thinking about a change.
I narrowed it down to two simple choices: 
leaving them black or painting them a true red.

Red doors look so interesting to me
and really seem to brighten a place up.
Kelly Green Interiors
Design Sponge
Sarah Richardson
Homestead Revival
Then, I saw these!  Blue doors!
They look so fresh and clean and bright too.
dress design decor
Cottage and Vine
Made by Girl

Tiek Built Homes
Now I'm thinking maybe blue...but still I like the red.
Then, I saw this!  Black!  Just like I have now.
It looks so vintage and just plain cool and I like the contrast.

Aubrey Road

Now, I'm confused.  Red? Blue? Black?
I like them all.


  1. Oh my, I'm the world's worst decision maker (or best procrastinater, lol) - too bad we can't make slip covers for our doors like for furniture to change them as the whim of the day dictates :-)


  2. I went back to your April 22 post where you showed the re-do of your front porch. I like the black. I think the red would draw attention to your red brick and the light blue would emphasize the ceiling on your porch. So, of those three, I vote black. It brings my attention to the door. You could take a picture of your front proch and have someone photoshop the color of the door to see what it would look like. But, ultimately, I vote for forest greeen.

  3. I love that blue color...I think because you don't see that color very often on doors. We have a maroon door....I would love to paint ours too!

  4. The way I see it, it's only paint, the world's cheapest fix! Go for the blue, you can always change it back. :@

  5. I have trouble making decisions too, and I think all 3 colours look great, so I'm not going to be any help at all!

  6. Oh darn. . . I can't decide either. And now you've got me tempted to paint my white door.

  7. Right now ours is red. I've had blue, beige, white, can't remember all the colors I've tried. It's only paint, Sweetie, have fun with it. Also, whatever color you go with - watch your neighbors. Because before you know it your color will start to show up everywhere. Trust me.

  8. Well, I'm kind of a blue girl, but there's nothing wrong with the black door you've got now. It's sharp looking! And since you love red, you couldn't go wrong there either.

    But if it were my house, you know it would be blue. :)

  9. Well, you've got red quilt. BUT... aqua and red is a good mix. I say aqua. why not? FUN!

    xo Jeanne
    bees knees bungalow.

  10. I love the red, it looks so welcoming. I had a blue door, the light blue was pretty but didn't make the impact I wanted, I ended up with Navy and love it. But when I changed to Red/Maroon (I guess a deep red), I loved it more.

    What ever you choose it will be beautiful.

  11. oh gosh, I love them all too. I had to laugh when you said blue though, 'cause that's the color I ended up with on my front door, albeit a much darker shade, I too had intended to go red or black originally. Guess it just depends on the mood at the moment, eh?
    Which brings me to this, what made you decide to paint the interior side of the door black? I guess I never thought about making them match on both sides before...hmmm, interesting, very interesting. Now you got me thinking!

  12. Decisions, Decisions! Frustrating right? They all look nice but personally I would choose the red. But then I'm a little crazy over red.


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