Sunday, September 11, 2011

This is it

I did it.  It's done.
I changed everything.
This is it.
This is my blog.

Why?  Click here.

I changed my blog name, header picture, the little favicon, the blog icon picture and
you will soon notice...even the blog address.  
I'm a little excited about all of the changes.

There is no getting around the fact that I live in a cottage style house
and I love cottage style.  However, I've been adding quite a bit of
vintage industrial stuff to my house and of course 
I still like some farmhouse pieces as well.
Combine that with our family number "3" and my favorite color "red"
and I came up with:


I like how simple it is.  I think the use of the red 3 in place of the
last "E" gives a sort of industrial twist.   It seems to really fit me I think.

I've lived with it for over a week now and love it more each day.
So, I took the huge step of changing everything over.

Over the next day or so you should be automatically redirected
to the new address.  We'll see if that works.   I'm a bit nervous about it.

I feel like "3 Ring Cottage" was a practice blog for the last year and a half
where I learned about blogging and tried to figure out what I wanted my blog 
to be and how I wanted it to look.
Now that I've mastered some of the skills of blogging,  
I am graduating to my permanent blog.

Did you notice I'm approaching 500 followers?
That's 495 more than I thought I would ever have.
If I get to 500, I think we'll need a giveaway to celebrate
that milestone and the transition to the new blog.

So, here we go!
Hope you'll come with me, bring your friends 
and have a good time!

With this change, those following may have lost feeds/updates. 
You may need to "unfollow" and then rejoin or follow again.
Thanks so much!


  1. Love love love your blog's new look and name. Very creative and very you.

  2. I adore EVERYTHING about it! Authentic to the core! Now I want to change mine!

  3. I love it, Gina! I not only love the name and new header but also the "vintage farmhouse industrial collected goods" too. I think it describes it to the T. Speaking of love, the 3 on the arrow, adorable! Oh, and the favicon <3! Ok, I love it all!!

  4. Hi Gina,
    I love everything about it! You did a great job with your new look. I love the nice clean lines, the addition of the red, and still love that photo in your header of your Dad's jewelry tools!

  5. I saw your little picture in the comment before me over at Amy's and I knew it was you! I love it, I really do! It's quite fitting and you did a great job with the change over. The use of the 3 instead of the E was genius! :)

  6. The new look is wonderful, so clean looking, but still gives a hint as to what is to come with you great header photos.

  7. Love it! And if I got this post do I need to unfollow or not?


  8. Yours was one of the first blogs I followed. Before I knew what "following" was I kept your blog in my Favorites List and I would take a peak every few days. Change is good, everything looks good. Clever use of the backward, red 3. I was having no trouble until you talked about your "little favicon" - - - don't worry, I looked it up (you can google anything these days). Yes, I even like your little favicon. God bless your continued blogging adventures.

  9. I love your new changes and it must have worked because I was readirected to your new site. Will you be going to Warrenton this year? Hoping to meet you if so.

  10. Love the new look and the new name. And I just brought you one more follower closer to 500. Only 7 more to go!!!!!

  11. It looks GREAT! I like the change...been thinking about mixing mine up, but it is just finding the time and inspiration. Good Job and have fun with it!

  12. I'll be sure to check in on your new site (though I've liked this one very much). What I really want to know is where you got the arrow with the 3? 3 is also my favorite number, and although I haven't been in college in several years, I'm still attached to arrows as a symbol of my old sorority, Pi Beta Phi. I'd just love to have one like it, but I bet it's a one of a kind vintage treasure!

  13. Gina Love I TOTALLY AGREE with the GORGEOUS Amy at Whisperwood/Junkologie....And I LOVE how you came up with the NEW name....The logo is BRILLIANT....!!!

    I'm going to check my lists to make sure you're showing up 'cause I don't want to miss ANYTHING....!!!!!

    Tamarah :o)

  14. I like it, Gina! Simple but cool! I love the red 3 for the E! 

  15. I'm with Amy. I wanna change mine too! :) Love it!!!!



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