Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Maisy's new bed with a dilemma

Our little Maisy got a new bed.
It's cute little pale aqua metal bed on wheels.

Do you remember Maisy?
She's our little Morkie (maltese/yorkie).
She weighed 1.5  pounds when we got her 
and was about the same size as a soda can.
That was about 6 months ago.

Here she is at 4 months and weighing 2.5 pounds.
She doesn't like her hair bow.

Now she's all grown up weighing 3.5 pounds
and she's ready for a big girl bed.

Jennie and I went to a flea market a couple of weeks ago 
(an indoor flea market thank goodness; 
it was 107 degrees today by the way)

I picked up this cute little vintage metal pale aqua bed on wheels.
It's an old doll bed repurposed into a dog bed.  
One side even raises and lowers.

Maisy seemed to like it.

There's just one thing wrong.

I hate this old decal on it.  Hate it.
Okay, hate is a strong word.
I really, really strongly despise that decal.

This is a vintage Amsco doll crib made around the 1950s.
I love everything about it except that decal.  
I can't peel the decal off or remove it with out damaging the bed.
If I paint it, I take away the perfect blue color with just the right amount
of rust and wear.  

What do you think?
Leave it or paint it?


  1. hmmm.... i actually think it is fun and quirky! the one thing i would do though is spray it with polycrylic to protect your pup from lead paint, for sure. but i kinda like the fun look of it- it suits maisy!

  2. leave it and make a cute fabric sleeve to go over that part of the bed. Or a little tiny pillow. But it is so cute, just the way it is.

  3. I'd leave it...but then again, I like the decal! Cute bed.

  4. I would leave it as is--I think it is perfect for this vintage bed. If down the road you really really don't care for it--you can cover it with paint. I bet once you live with it you will keep it.....

  5. Maisy is adorable! I think the decal adds a bit of that vintage quirkiness that is so fun. If you really want to change it, you might consider decoupaging or putting an adhesive vinyl sticker over it.

  6. I love the decal! I think it makes it wonderfully old and vintage. I vote leave it!

  7. I love the new header and blog name. I have to confess I was totally against you changing the name as I really never like change, but using the 3 as the E is very clever and looks fantastic.

    AS for the dog bed. How about sewing or making a slip cover (like a bib) that covers the decal, but leaves the paint. For that matter what about a bit of wallpaper to cover that area on the inside of the headboard, but leaves the rest of it blue. The bed is so cute and especially with her in it.

  8. If it were me, and I hated it, I would first paint the decal white - as many coats as it took to completely white it out, then I would try tracing around it, and then cutting out paper to fit it exactly, then painting something like the dogs name, or something else, and decoupaging it directly to the painted area. That would get rid of the decal you don't like, and would also keep the paint. Just a thought, anyways.

  9. I don't know which I like better, Maisy or the bed. They are both so yummy!

    I like the bunnies and getting rid of them would just take away from the authentic look of the little bed. So I say leave them. Maisy doesn't seem to mind.

  10. That dog is just adorable! Why does everyone have such cute dogs? Tell me she pees all over everything and keeps you awake at night! Tell me!

    I think the pillow idea is a cute one! I don't blame you for hating it and the bed is so darned cute. . . how about a pillow or a decorative "3" that's big enough to cover the whole thing? ;)

  11. Your little dog is so sweet! I would leave the decan and hang a vintage quilt remnant over that edge.

  12. Heya Lovey....THANKS so much for stopping by.... :o) !!

    PLEASE forgive my lack of visits of late....I've sent my WISH LIST off to Santa EARLY this year & asked him for an extra 5 hours in every day....Mr SVJ reckons this is a bit of STRETCH for the 'fat man' but I thought I'd ask anyway....hahahahaha....!!

    Maisy's grown into a VERY sweet pooch & her new bed suits her PERFECTLY....I agree with some of the other Ladies who've commented advising to leave the decal....Mostly 'cause I think it's CUTE....!! You run the risk of spoiling the current patina if you try & remove it & painting it would have the same effect....Perhaps pop a small pillow up against it for the time being & see how you feel about it later....!!

    Please give Maisy a BIG HUG & a BIG SMOOCH for me....!!

    Cheers for now from Oz,
    Tamarah :o)

  13. Leave the decal, that's what makes it so vintage.

  14. I like the slip cover idea to cover the decal - I don't like it either, I had enough of the cutesy bunnies and bears in the 80s lol. Have you tried goo gone or something like that to remove it? Of course, the paint underneath might be a different color. But I've had great luck with goo gone to remove old stuck on stuff. It's an adorable bed for an adorable dog, though :-) My 3 60 pounders would crash it to the ground lol.


  15. I love the bed, my cats have one very similar! Please, please, please don't paint it, you could never duplicate that perfect patina. I really like the slip cover idea, but you will lose most of the color since those are the biggest areas. You might try using fabric like wallpaper just on the inside of the end panels. Maybe something that will complement the fabric of the pillow. If you don't want it to be permanent you can use fabric starch to attach it.

  16. Why don't you like the decal? I think it is so cute. Would love to have the little bed and decals for my kittens. Lynda

  17. Hi, Maisy is just adorable! Love the little bed. If you don't like the decal ...perhaps you could get a peal n stick magnet sheet and turn something you like into a magnet and just cover it. That way if you change your mind you can just remove it.

  18. I would paint it, with your style it would look fab. Your blog is perfect with the new look!!

  19. I like it...yet you could cover it up with distressed metal tile (think ceiling tiles cut down a bit) or something similar You change that bit frequently (seasonally?) 'bed jewelry or something?

  20. Well the bed and Maisy are both adorable! Why not cover up the decal if you don't like it with some with her name on it. Maybe something with a magnet since it's metal. Or her name painted on a slipcover.

  21. I think Francine's idea of a peel and stick magnetic sheet would be wonderful. Perhaps use a fabric that would look cute with the color of the bed and letters that say "Maisy". Stick it onto the magnetic sheet and you have a nameplate without taking away from the vintage decal on the bed.

  22. CUTE! The dog and the bed!
    Yeah, the decal isn't the most awesome thing I've seen, but I like the magnet idea. Get a bigger magnetic sheet, paint it with chalkboard paint and write her name on it. :)

  23. I love the idea of using this for a doll bed. When I as one years old (in 1951) my grandfather gave me the exact same bed except in yellow. I still have it and I have a little lamb on it. I now want to give it to my grand daughter but has rusted through and looks kind of gross. The decal makes it all authenic so my opinion is: clean it up,paint over the decal or leave it totally alone. Enjoy!

  24. Love your dog, her cute bed with the decal and your blog and hope all are going strong as of 2016. Found cottag3.com while I was searching for similar repro decals to go on an old metal Amsco doll crib from 1950 or thereabouts. The original decals have just about oxidized away. Hope you decided to keep the crib in its original condition; the decal actually looks to be in great shape in your pix. What did you end up doing about it anyway? Best, ch


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