Wednesday, September 7, 2011

I saw this! there?

As many of you know, I work for a public school district.
Fort Worth Independent School District to be exact.
I was at an elementary school this morning 
for one of my interns and I was stopped in my tracks.
I can't believe I saw this...there!
sorry for poor quality; quickly capture by iphone
Granted, this is an older elementary school
but still, just a regular neighborhood elementary school.
This cool little vintage industrial table
was just sitting in the hallway next to some
ladders, dollies, and other random things.

Round wooden top, turquoisey color,
metal, wheels, super cool.

I've occasionally seen a rolling cart like this
but not with a table top.  Next time I see
a similar cart, I'm snatching it up.
This could be such a cool kitchen/breakfast table
don't ya think?


  1. pure sweet, awesomeness! I want one too!!

  2. Isn't it something how our eyes zoom in on those unexpected pieces no matter where we are?

  3. Did you see if the school was willing to sell it? Maybe they need the money :)!

  4. I'm not saying you should steal.

    But maybe you could borrow it for a few years?

  5. It would be the ultimate breakfast table! See if they'll sell it! They can't be using it that much~it's out in the hall. :)

  6. Love it!! I am always spotting things I want in random places. It would make a very cool dining table.

  7. With school budgets the way they worth asking about!

  8. your dining room rack is a dead ringer for Johns - you were right. You have great style - love everything you did in the room.

    I am with you, that industrial round table at your school is a treasure. Love your blog - Lori


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