Friday, June 11, 2010

Giveaway? Did I just say that outloud?

Have you ever had a car so long that finally it got 99,999 miles on it and then you stared at the odometer, waiting...waiting...watching....watching...for it to finally click on 100,000 miles!  I've done that.  I had a
'67 Mustang and we watched and celebrated when it clicked it over.  It seemed like it took forever.
Well, I'm having that same experience now but not with a car. Did you notice my followers?  Take a look...199!  Honestly, I thought I would never have more than 5 (I knew my husband, son and a couple of friends would follow just to be nice). I was shocked when the first person I didn't know actually became a follower. I was blown away when the 100th follower joined.  Now, I am absolutely overwhelmed that I might reach 200 in the near future.   That's just shocking.  Now I know many of you have hundreds and hundreds and some of you have thousands and thousands but for me, 200 is like 2000.  I never even imagined it. 

So, let me take this moment to thank every single person who was kind enough to become a follower.  I click on every single one and if there is a blog listed, I visit every single one.  I have found so many great blogs that way.  I read every single comment and love them all.  I can't believe people I don't know actually take a moment to leave me such kind words about my post.  For those of you who have you email visible and linked to your name, I try to respond to as many of those comments as I can.  (Many of you have "do not reply" email addresses linked so unfortunately I can't reply back to you :(

So, what does one do when their blog hits an unexpected milestone?  I can't start a linky party. That is just too big and too scary for me right now.  I've only been blogging for 6 months and I am still sooooo new. I want to celebrate this little milestone in some way because I can't imagine having this opportunity again (no way I'll ever get to 500).    Do you think I could handle a giveaway?  What would I giveaway?  Could I figure out the random generator thing?  Could I do it the old-fashioned way of picking out of a hat?  Oh my, so many things to think about.  Well, as we wait to see if I ever get that 200th follower, I will try to fire up my brain synapses and see if I can come up with a great giveaway to thank all of my followers.  Gosh, I'm so excited and so something else...I don't know the right word...anxious, nervous, grateful, appreciative, .....


  1. Congrats! Gosh, only 6 months. What is your secret? A giveaway sounds fun ;)

  2. A random generator is super simply, I know you could manage. I hosted a giveaway once, I accidentally bought two books so I thought I'd give one out to a follower. :) Congratulations on your follower success and success with your blog, it's very inspirational.

  3. Congrats,, i see it made it over 200 now and in just 6 months. Wow! I've been blogging for 2 years and just now have 43, but thats okay cause like you I never thought I'd have any. I cant wait to see what your giveaway will be.

  4. that is awesome, congratualations on blogger success!

  5. Wow, I'm surprised...only 6 months. I'm not quite 2 months and there's so much to learn. I'm going to do a give-away but don't know if I'll be brave enough to try the random generator. Congratulations of making 200. That's incredible!!

  6. Congratulations!! Blogging is such a wonderful experience. I have met some of the sweetest people since I began to blog. :o)
    I have two children who delight in picking a number between 1 and .... however many people have entered my give a way. :o) I suppose you could say they are my random generator. :o)
    I hope that you are having a wonderful weekend.
    Sincerely ~ Tricia

  7. We started blogging about the same time. You are one of the first blogs I ever followed. Always love everything you do. I have 65 and counting. Keep up the great work! Giveaways are fun, I'm doing that vinyl one right now until Wednesday. I think you have already played along.


  8. Congratulation on reaching 200! Of course you have that many silly, your blog is great! ;)
    Love your projects and style and am a faithful follower.


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