Tuesday, March 29, 2011

a few photos from Warrenton/Round Top

Let me just say this first, we were a bit overwhelmed.  There was so much to see.  
Every two seconds we were like "Oh my gosh, look at that!"  
We were so busy looking at all of the stuff, we forgot to take a  lot of pictures.  
You just don't think about it when your eyes are just darting from thing to thing.  
So, here a few pictures we took.

First up, from La Bahia Antiques Show is Linda Gregory's spot called Past Time Antiques.  
Her card says she has 5000 sq. feet of vintage inspiration on Allen St. in Edna, Tx.  
We loved her stuff and we did buy something from her that I'll show you later.

Look at the center pieces on this table.  Love them.  
I also like the black chairs around the farmhouse table. The little cloches look so cute on the plates.

Up close, these are white enamel tubs mounted on old wooden balusters.
LOVE that!  

Here's a lamp shade that was so cool.

This cute little cheese cupboard caught my eye.  

Next up are some pictures of Excess Field.
Lots of industrial type stuff to see.

We took pictures as we drove around.  Most of this stuff here was awesome but a little expensive and 
way too big for our vehicle. So, we didn't get out so we wouldn't be tempted.

More from Round Top...

So there's a little taste of some of what we saw.  What do you think?


  1. I think I need those chairs! Oh they would be so perfect. Looks like they had tons of good stuff. I love the enamelware on the balusters. Perfectly chippy.

  2. I think I'm in love and I would have to stop myself from going hog wild! Can't wait to see what you bought!

  3. Ooh, I love the letters and that cubby shelves! How fun!!

  4. Those oval backed chairs are dreamy! The first picture was eye candy. Glad you got an upclose shot of the metal tubs.

  5. Such lovely stand clocks! I hope I have time to get there and grab one.

  6. I think I need one of those clocks! The gray one would work.

    Those enameled tubs on the balusters are so cool!

  7. Love it! My husband and I are headed there this weekend. Any tips on the best spots to hit?

  8. Oh oh love! I think the clock guy is the gentleman I learned the new waxing technique from...come on by and see.

  9. So many treasures to cherish - I would be like a kid in the candy store...


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