Monday, March 7, 2011

In my personal life....

I took a break from blogging last week because I was so busy in my personal life.  I guess it would be more accurate to say my "professional life."  Many of you who have followed my blog know that in real life, I'm actually a pediatric speech-language pathologist...and I LOVE it.  I've been an SLP for 23 years working with children who have speech and language/communication delays and disorders as well as supervising graduate students and interns.  I was off last week attending my state association's annual convention.  This convention was a big one for me...I'm running for Vice-President of my association which is why I've been kind of busy lately.  Wish me luck!  I think I find out the results around the end of May.

While I'm on the subject of being an SLP, I would like to take this opportunity to spotlight a couple of fellow bloggers who are also SLPs and who are doing some great things in their professional lives as well.

Grace, who authors the beautiful blog, Sense and Simplicity, is a fellow SLP who practices in her home country of Canada.  I know several SLPs, particularly school based SLPs who have summers off, who spend their time traveling to less fortunate areas to donate their skills and services.  You may have seen the button below hanging out the past few months on the top right corner of my blog.  Grace is planning a trip to Bangladesh to volunteer her services as an SLP to help teach in a speech therapy program.  She needs to raise some funds to help cover the cost of the trip.  If you've read her blog, you know she's a wonderful photographer and she's selling some of her photos to help fund her trip.  I hope you get a chance to visit her blog and help support her.

Lori, who authors the hilarious blog, In Pursuit of Martha Points, is also a fellow SLP who practices in California.  She has recently started a new website that is a language development resource website for parents.  I'm sure it will give you valuable information and resources for encouraging speech and language development in your children as well as answer questions you may have about what is typical and what may signal a concern.  So, hop on over to Lori's blog for some fun (but I must warn you, don't drink anything while you read it unless you're prepared for a little clean up when you spew it from laughing so hard.  I speak from experience.)  Then, visit her new website!
How To Get Your Child Talking...from babble to chatter
Next post, we will return to our regular programming of vintage, industrial, antique,
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  1. Ooh I hope you get it!

    Man, wish I could have your help with that little 6 year old and his lisp. He's sick to death of me trying to get him to do his "s" correctly. Sigh.

  2. Wow! Gina that is fantastic!

    If was in Texas I would so happily vote for you!

    And thank ou for that sweet shout out! I so hope the site does well. And encouragement and kindness like that just makes my day!

  3. All my boys have needed (2 still do) speech therapists and have thrived (are thriving) in their care. So SLPs have a special place in my heart. My hats off to you for all the wonderful work you do and the difference you make in people's lives. Best of luck, Gina.

  4. Good luck for the VP position! We've been diligently working on helping Imani with her "R"s. I hope I'm doing it right!!! It doesn't feel like we've made much progress, but I'm going to keep plugging away! Thanks again for all of your suggestions.

  5. V-P - you go girl! I'm finally making my rounds of all the blogs and noticed this post about your aspirations to be V-P (I would totally vote for you if I were there) and the shout out for Martha and my projects. Thanks so much - you're a sweetie for the kind write-up. Some day I'm going to attend the Texas SLP convention so I can meet you.

  6. Good luck for the VP position....I'll be rooting for you. Congrats for all of the work you do on behalf of the children. I'm sure you have positively influenced a lot of lives.

  7. Gina, It was so nice to hear more about you. Hope you get the vp position. I'm sure it will be a lot of work, but a great honor too.
    My daughter went to college for speech pathology, she downgraded to a linguistics degree because she just wanted to be done with school. I was so disappointed, but I'm still hoping she gets back to it someday.


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